If it is window tinting you’re after, Auto Wrap can handle the job for any vehicle no matter how large or small. In fact, our company owner has been in the window tinting business for more than 30 years. But you might be wondering, why use window tinting?

Some people think window tinting is just for looks; some believe it is for sun protection; still others believe window tinting acts as a deterrent against theft. Yet all three are correct. Window tinting offers all of these benefits at a price so reasonable you probably won’t believe how inexpensive it is. And best of all, it doesn’t result in any structural changes to your vehicle so your insurance is not affected.


Sunlight can be harmful for your vehicle in a couple of ways. First of all, UV rays entering your car can be dangerous to you or your passengers if you’re sensitive to sunlight. Most of us use sunblock before going outdoors for extended periods of time on warm, sunny days; window tinting provides that same barrier to protect you and your passengers from harmful UV rays whenever you’re travelling in the car.

Second, sun and heat can also damage the interior of your vehicle, causing dry out upholstery, cracked dashboards, and so on. Window tinting filters out the direct light and helps to keep the interior temperature of your vehicle lower.


When it comes to thieves, they can be just as devastating as heat and sunlight. But if the thief cannot see what’s in your car, he probably won’t take a chance at being caught breaking in only to find nothing of value. Adding window tinting always puts that seed of doubt in the thief’s mind and causes him to consider an easier target. It is a great deterrent against those who would otherwise break into your vehicle.

If you’re ready for the best window tinting in the UK, you’re ready to contact Auto Wrap. We are waiting to handle your job, whether it’s an individual vehicle or an entire fleet.