We only use superb, high quality vinyl from leading manufacturers such as Avery, Oracal, Ritama, Mactac, 3M and KPMF, which ensures that you enjoy an outstanding and eye-catching car wrap for longer.

Vehicle wrapping is available in a stunning variety of colours and finishes such as gloss, matt, metallic, chrome, textured.

Everything is custom-made to suit your own requirements and hand-applied to your vehicle. We guaranteed that it will last between 7-10 years. With every wrap lovingly applied to your vehicle, we issue a certificate which provides 3 years warranty on the wrap, along with additional information about the exact material used, and how best to maintain that stunning new look so that it lasts even longer.

Vinyl manufactures that we use: Avery, Oracal, Ritama, Mactac, 3M, KPMF.