Car wrapping is about transforming your vehicle from the average-looking car everyone else drives to the eye-catching vehicle that will take over the roads of Britain. Some people wrap their cars just to give them a unique; others to advertise a business, organization, or an event. Why you choose car wrapping is not important to us, what’s important is that we give you a quality job you are pleased with.

At Auto Wrap we can wrap almost any type of vehicle on the road. Our highly qualified technicians are able to completely change the look of your car whether it is the bonnet, the roof, your mirrors and doors, or the entire vehicle. We even have a clear vinyl wrapping the truly brings out the natural colour of your car while still protecting the underlying paintings. The tough vinyl material absorbs the impact from rocks, stones, and other debris, and protects against sun fade and accidental scratches. What’s more, our expert installation makes it nearly impossible for people to tell your car’s been wrapped without an up-close inspection.


The process of wrapping your vehicle is not extremely complicated in principle, but it does require highly skilled craftsmen to make sure it’s done correctly. It begins with preparing your vehicle by carefully removing the door handles, trim, lamp covers, and so on. Then the vehicle is thoroughly cleaned and the vinyl applied using a combination of heat and pressure to make sure everything fits perfectly without any air bubbles. We then put all of your trim, lamp covers, and door handles back on for a seamless job that looks even better than your original paint!

From just a single promotional detail to a full car wrap there is no better way to transform the exterior of your car then through vinyl wrap. It is cheaper than paint, lasts longer, and increases the value of your vehicle by protecting the factory paint underneath. So don’t settle for what everyone else is driving, let Auto Wrap transform your vehicle into a one-of-a-kind work of art.


Have you noticed that an increasing number of consumers want something custom-made to their requirements, something that suits them down to a tee? And have you noticed

that trend reflected in the customers you help on a daily basis? Latest research shows that out of 34 million cars on the British roads, 1% of drivers/owners would love to have their cars customized or custom color. That makes for a lovely emerging niche market worth a great deal.

So if you are a car trader and you want to be ahead of your game, you need to start selling customized cars today.

This is where Auto Wrap can help. We offer a bespoke tailored service for car traders as well as the general public.

We provide car traders with our colour swatches, so that a car trader can discuss the individual needs and requirements that a customer might have, agree a colour and arrange payment. Just 3 days later, the customer will happily drive away his custom car.

If you are a Car Trader, and thinking about wrapping some of the cars that you hold in stock, we can help.

We are the only car wrapping company in the North East that offers exclusive discounts for Car Traders which will please your customers, breathe new life into your stock, increase its value, and most importantly boost sales.