Auto Wrap is happy to help you with standard vehicle wrapping (matte finishes, complete colour changes, advertising wraps, etc.) but we’re also available to provide you with custom car wrapping services. We have wrapped thousands of cars and boats to date using custom-designed wraps meant to convey a specific message for give a specific look. Best of all, with custom vehicle wrapping we can work with just about any design you can conceive of.

What makes custom car wrapping possible is the fact that the vinyl wrap is printed using digital technology. This allows anything and everything including the most complex graphic patterns around. You can wrap your vehicle to make it look like it’s all stainless steel; you can transform it into a marble or ivory work of art; you can even custom design your own landscape, fantasy, or other artwork and easily turned into a vinyl wrap to cover your vehicle.

At Auto Wrap we can even help you with the design of your artwork. Our creative staff can consult with you to make your original design idea the best it can be, or we can create it for you from scratch. In essence, custom vehicle wrapping only requires you have an idea and some imagination. Together we can create something that will make your car more than just a tool for driving; we’ll make it a piece of rolling eye candy that will turn heads all over Britain.

Remember that vinyl car wrap does not alter the painted surface of your car anyway. That means it’s a great way to give your vehicle a completely new look while still protecting the original finish.