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Auto Wrap have over 30 years experience in the industry, wrapping and tinting vehicles for a wide range of local and international clients.

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We offer high-quality window tinting services for your vehicle. Whether you’re looking for privacy, or an aesthetic edge, we our selection of tinting shades will suit your need.

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We are proud to announce that we have merged with professional vehical wrapping company Executive Cars! With over 10 years experience in vehicle wrapping and vehicle graphics we are delighted that we have them on board and we’re looking forward to working to together in the future.

In days gone by, if you wanted to add custom graphics or stylized detailing to your car you had to send it to the paint shop where it would be meticulously transformed into something that hopefully met your expectations. But thanks to today’s advancements in digital printing and vinyl, you can now get the same customized bodywork at a fraction of the cost by using vinyl car wrapping.

Car wrapping is fast becoming the hottest new trend for individual car styling. You can add a couple of racing stripes, change the look of a panel, transform your vehicle into a rolling advertisement, or wrap your entire vehicle to change its colour.


Auto Wrap has been providing window tinting services in the UK for many years; now we’re bringing our expertise to vehicle wrapping and car window tinting. We have a variety of options available including basic window tinting, standard car wraps for advertising, complete car wraps to change your vehicle’s colour or simply protect the underlying paint, and custom vehicle wrap jobs able to transform your car into anything you want.

More than just a look, Car wrapping from Auto Wrap adds value to your car by protecting the underlying paint. When you use a vinyl car wrap your vehicle’s paint is protected from stones, debris, and the fading effects of UV sunlight. Should you decide to sell the car in the future you can easily remove it to present the buyer with a vehicle that looks brand new. Or, leave the wrap intact if it provides better resale value for your car.

No matter how you look at it, your car wrap from Auto Wrap is an investment in your vehicle that will pay for itself by making to your car more valuable. Get in touch with us today so we can start transforming your vehicle.

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